Computer & Engineers is a well-known ICT Company in Bangladesh .C&E started from 1989 with different types of solution providing in the field of Electronics & Communication Technology. C&E IT Solution established in 1999 which is committed to provide state of the art technology, quality software and services that are intended to manage and improve all aspects of the business process. We offer a complete solution that includes software, hardware, consultation, training, and support through implementation and beyond.

Utilizing years of industry experience we have designed & developed numerous software products to meet the unique requirement that exist within the business process.

Our company also provides Training, Networking & hardware integration services to the software clients as well as other corporate organization.


C&E looks forward to one of the best leading companies with top class IT solution and services. With our intensive R&D efforts, quality and competitive cost effective structure, we are well positioned to take up on the new challenges of tomorrow's technology and deliver the best leading edge business & Enterprise solution.


In order to reach the desired target, C&E is moving forward with dedicated teams for exploring and using innovation and excellence in every aspect of the development. Continuous effort is made to improve and retain innovative and inquisitive staff who look forward to getting the success of the company up and up.


Application Integration
Academic Management System Solution
Accounting solution
Point of Sale
Supply Chain Management & Inventory
Human Resource Management System
Office Automation Software
Health Information System
Mobile Based Application


Resource acquisition and allocation based on functional expertise and client requirements.
Critical Path Analysis of the overall project
Performance monitoring and effectiveness analysis
Weekly/monthly review of project status by executive management.
Risk management over the life of the project
Information extraction and integration
Product quality stabilization
Rapid application delivery.